Grubegg Manor is located close to the village of Bad Mitterndorf, just about one mile away from the centre.

The house has been placed on its own little hill, overlooking forests and meadows on all sides.

The east side of the building faces the spectacular `` Grimming“, the highest  mountain of Styria, while the west side looks onto green fields full of white flowers in spring time, or grazing cattle in summer , and wide cross country ski-slopes in winter.

It is very calm around the house, the sounds of birds singing or water flowing down the little stream close to Grubegg-hill, are the only ``noises“ you can hear most of the time.

Built in 1591 as a little castle for a wealthy merchant, the building originally had three storeys and small towers with bay-windows at its corners. Due to a huge fire in the 17th century, though, the castle was heavily damaged.

Walls were rebuilt, but not in the original height; and a new, much steeper roof was constructed.

Therefore, the building looks rather like a large country-house or manor, even though it has kept its old name of `` Schloss Grubegg``.

Gabi and Michael Floymayr have carefully restored the manor  outside and redecorated the interior. They have turned it into a small boutique- hotel, consisting of eight spacious en- suite bed- rooms, all of them charmingly furnished. Each room has its own, very special style.

All over the house you will find cozy corners with sofas and armchairs, where you can sit to relax and read or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine.

The mixture of antique furniture and a few modern elements creates a warm welcoming atmosphere combined with modern comfort.

You will love the antique, typical``Kachelöfen´´(ceramic-tiled stoves heated with wood) in many rooms. Of course, the house also disposes of central-heating.

Gabi and Michael Floymayr will do their best to make you feel comfortable and very much ``at home´´ in Grubegg-Manor.